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Alpina White Silestone
Alpina White Quartz Silestone

Alpina White

Arcilla Red Silestone
Arcilla Red Quartz Silestone

Arcilla Red

Arden Blue Buartz Silestone
Arden Blue Buartz Worktops

Arden Blue

Ariel Silestone
Ariel Quartz Worktops Silestone


Bianco River Silestone
Bianco River Quartz Caesarstone

Bianco River

Blanco Baple Silestone
Blanco Baple Quartz

Blanco Baple

Blanco Orion Silestone
Blanco Orion Quartz

Blanco Orion

Blanco Orion silestone
blanco orion quartz silestone

Blanco Brion

Blanco Zeus Silestone
Blanco Zeus Quartz Silestone

Blanco Zeus

Bohemian Flame Silestone
Bohemian Flame Quartz

Bohemian Flame

Brass Relish Silestone
Brass Relish Quartz

Brass Relish

Cala Blue Silesstone
Cala Blue Quartz Silesstone

Cala Blue

Cemento Spae Silestone
Cemento Spae Quartz

Cemento Spae

Charcal Soapstone Silestone
Charcal Soapstone Quartz

Charcal Soapstone

Cincel Grey Silestone
Cincel Grey Quartz

Cincel Grey

Cinder Craze Silestone
Cinder Craze Quartz

Cinder Craze

Classic Calacatta Silestone
Classic Calacatta Quartz

Classic Calacatta

Concrete Pluse Silestone
Concrete Pluse Quartz

Concrete Pluse

Coral Clay Color Silestone
Coral Clay Color Quartz

Coral Clay

Corktown Silestone
Corktown Quartz


Desert Silver Silestone
Desert Silver Quartz

Desert Silver

Eclectic Pearl Silestone
Eclectic Pearl Quartz

Eclectic Pearl

Et Calacatta Gold Silestone
Et Calacatta Gold Quartz

Et Calacatta Gold

4601 Frozen Terra Silestone
4601 Frozen Terra Quartz

4601 Frozen Terra

Et Noir Silestone
Et Noir Quartz

Et Noir

Et Serena Silestone
Et Serena Quartz  Quartz

Et Serena

Et Statuario Silestone
Et Statuario Quartz Silestone

Et Statuario

Ethereal Dusk Silestone
Ethereal Dusk Quartz

Ethereal Dusk

Ethereal Glow Silestone
Ethereal Glow Quartz

Ethereal Glow

Ethereal Haze Silestone
Ethereal Haze Quartz

Ethereal Haze

Ethereal Noctis Silestone
Ethereal Noctis Quartz

Ethereal Noctis

Faro White Quartz
Faro White Quartz

Faro White

Gris Expo Quartz
Gris Expo Quartz

Gris Expo

Halcyon Quartz
Halcyon Quartz


Iconic White Silestone
Iconic White Quartz

Iconic White

Kensho Quartz
Kensho Quartz


Lagoon Quartz
Lagoon Quartz


Lime Delight Silestone
Lime-Delight Quartz

Lime Delight

lusso Quartz
lusso Quartz


Marengo Quartz
Marengo Quartz


Miami Vena Quartz
Miami Vena Quartz

Miami Vena

Miami White Quartz
Miami White Quartz

Miami White

Nolita Quartz
Nolita Quartz


Parisien Bleu Silestone
Parisien Bleu Quartz

Parisien Bleu

Pearl Jasmine Quartz
Pearl Jasmine Quartz

Pearl Jasmine

Poblenou Quartz
Poblenou Quartz


Posidonia Green Quartz
Posidonia Green Quartz

Posidonia Green

Romantic Ash Quartz
Romantic Ash Quartz

Romantic Ash

Rougui Quartz
Rougui Quartz


Seaport Quartz
Seaport Quartz


Snowy Ibiza Quartz
Snowy Ibiza Quartz

Snowy Ibiza

Stellar Blanco Quartz
Stellar Blanco Quartz

Stellar Blanco

Stellar Grey Quartz
Stellar Grey Quartz

Stellar Grey

Stellar Night Quartz
Stellar Night Quartz

Stellar Night

Tebas Black Quartz
Tebas Black Quartz

Tebas Black

Versailles Ivory Quartz
Versailles Ivory Quartz

Versailles Ivory

Victorian Silver Silestone
Victorian Silver Quartz

Victorian Silver

White Arabesque Quartz
White Arabesque Quartz

White Arabesque


Our experts will gladly visit your address and provide you with a quote.

What is Silestone?

Silestone is a compound made up of 94% natural quartz. This makes it a hard and resilient worktop. It is an excellent surface for kitchen worktops, using the least number of joints. Silestone quartz is a non-porous surface. It is impervious to stains. Many ordinary items such as wine, lemon juice can not stain it.

Silestone is a leading name in top quality quartz worktops. Silestone quartz is highly durable, and comes in an exciting range of colours, textures and designs.

Why use Sile-stone quartz kitchen worktops?

Quartz is one of the hardest materials on the planet, so it is no surprise that Silestone quartz is exceptionally hard-wearing. It is also very easy to maintain and can be cut, finished and fitted to make any kitchen enormously practical and just as beautiful.

Designers frequently choose Silestone because of the wide range of colours and finishes on offer. Whatever the look clients are seeking, Silestone is more than likely to provide exactly the right solution.

Which colours are available?

Customers can choose from over 60 different colours of Silestone quartz, principally in variations of white, black, grey and cream with evocative names such as Silestone Iconic Black, Silestone Calacatta Gold and Silestone Arabesque.

What is the Sile stone 25 Year Warranty?

Silestone is the only brand that offers a 25 years warranty. Only a global leader, one which is the largest producer of quartz surfaces, could once again draw ahead of the pack and offer a genuine 25 years warranty for Silestone.

How we work for you

Choosing Worktop

We will arrange a visit onsite or at our showroom to discuss your requirements and choose the desired stone for your kitchen worktop project.


We will take accurate measurements then our experts will cut, polish and template your beautiful kitchen worktop in our London stone factory.


We will deliver your kitchen countertops where our experts will professionally install them. We will make sure everything is a perfect fit. Sit back and enjoy your new kitchen!

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