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Antarctica NobleStone Quartz
Antarctica NobleStone


Arabescato Black Quartz
Arabescato Black NobleStone

Arabescato Black

Arabescato Gold Quartz
Arabescato Gold NobleStone

Arabescato Gold

Arabescato Grey Shimmer Quartz
Arabescato Grey Shimmer Quartz NobleStone

Arabescato Grey Shimmer

Bianco Carrara
Bianco Carrara NobleStone

Bianco Carrara

Black lustre Quartz
Black lustre NobleStone

Black lustre

Calacatta Dolce Quartz
Calacatta Dolce NobleStone

Calacatta Dolce

Calacatta Gris Quartz
Calacatta Gris NobleStone

Calacatta Gris

Calacatta Malaga Quartz
Calacatta Malaga Quartz NobleStone

Calacatta Malaga

Calacatta Modena Gold Quartz
Calacatta Modena Gold NobleStone

Calacatta Modena Gold

Calacatta Modena Quartz
Calacatta Modena NobleStone

Calacatta Modena

Calacatta Orlando Quartz
Calacatta Orlando NobleStone

Calacatta Orlando

Calacatta Oro Quartz
Calacatta Oro NobleStone

Calacatta Oro

Calacatta Roma Quartz
Calacatta Roma NobleStone

Calacatta Roma

Calacatta Porto Quartz
Calacatta Porto NobleStone title=

Calacatta Porto

Calacatta Rio Quartz
Calacatta Rio NobleStone

Calacatta Rio

Calacatta Roma Carrera Quartz
Calacatta Roma NobleStone

Calacatta Roma

Calacatta Sydney Black Quartz
Calacatta Sydney Black NobleStone

Calacatta Sydney Black

Calacatta Sydney Grey Quartz
Calacatta Sydney NobleStone

Calacatta Sydney Grey

Calacatta Tala Quartz
Calacatta Tala NobleStone

Calacatta Tala

Calacatta Torino Quartz
Calacatta Torino NobleStone

Calacatta Torino

Calacatta Valencia Quartz
Calacatta Valencia NobleStone

Calacatta Valencia

Calacatta Verona Quart
Calacatta Verona NobleStone

Calacatta Verona

Carrara Marmi Quartz
Carrara Marmi NobleStone

Carrara Marmi

Carrara Mirage Quartz
Carrara Mirage NobleStone

Carrara Mirage

Carrara Niagara Quartz
Carrara Niagara NobleStone

Carrara Niagara

Carrara Nuvo Quartz
Carrara Nuvo NobleStone

Carrara Nuvo

Carrar Sahara Quartz
Carrar Sahara NobleStone

Carrar Sahara

Himalaya Quartz
Himalaya NobleStone


Lugano Gold Quartz
Lugano Gold NobleStone

Lugano Gold

Lustre Grey Quartz
Lustre Grey NobleStone

Lustre Grey

Marquina Londra Quartz
Marquina Londra NobleStone

Marquina Londra

Misterio Quartz
Misterio NobleStone


Platinum Star Quartz
Platinum Star NobleStone

Platinum Star

Pure Misterio Quartz
Pure Misterio NobleStone

Pure Misterio

Sahara Noir Quartz
Sahara Noir NobleStone

Sahara Noir

Star Grey Quartz
Star Grey NobleStone

Star Grey

Star White Quartz
Star White NobleStone

Star White

Tiger Quartz
Tiger NobleStone


Vulcano Quartz
Vulcano NobleStone



Our experts will gladly visit your address and provide you with a quote.

Noble-Stone kitchen worktops

NobleStone is one of the leading premier quartz distributors in London, offering an unparalleled range of colours, styles, and patterns, suiting any work surfaces. With competitive pricing and a commitment to quality, we deliver affordable luxury to your doorstep.

The pore-free quartz prevents stains and any bacteria and germs from multiplying. Get al quartz surface and enjoy peace of mind.

Impact Resistant

Quartz contains small quantities (7-10%) of resin as adhesives and is therefore highly resilient against impact. It is around 8-10 times stronger than natural rocks, sheets, ceramic surfaces, and rock surfaces.

Natural Patterns

Each and every worktop material comes with its own advantages and disadvantages and it can be difficult to know how to make a final decision. Ultimately, your choice will depend on some key influencing factors: budget, style and practicality. You’ll need to find the perfect balance between these three elements to ascertain the right material for your kitchen.

Scratch Resistant

Quartz has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, which means that it is impenetrable to most materials other than rare gems such as diamonds, topaz, and Quartz.

Kitchen Worktops Replacement, Fitting & Installation

Replacement & installation fees are applied to all our work and fees might vary from one project to another depends on many factors.
Some of our fees are based on:
Disconnect and remove a sink. Remove and dispose of the old worktop. Install new worktop with one corner cut. Reconnect a sink. Seal worktop to walls/tiles with silicone sealant.
complex installations will cost more:
Curves, angles etc. / More cuts / Unusual bevelled edges.

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How we work for you

Choosing Worktop

We will arrange a visit onsite or at our showroom to discuss your requirements and choose the desired stone for your kitchen worktop project.


We will take accurate measurements then our experts will cut, polish and template your beautiful kitchen worktop in our London stone factory.


We will deliver your kitchen countertops where our experts will professionally install them. We will make sure everything is a perfect fit. Sit back and enjoy your new kitchen!

London Kitchen Worktops Recent Projects