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How to Restore and Repair Granite Kitchen Worktops

Granite is a very touch stone which can loose its shine after a few years of usage, this obviously having more of an effect in a busy kitchen. Here, we have some steps that you can take to improve and maintain the look of your Granite Worktops.


Cleaning Granite Worktops

Sometimes, dirt may be the only item on your worktops that are making them look dull. Starting by cleaning the stone properly and thoroughly using a gentle cleaner such as soap is a good place to start. It is important to not use scourers and abrasive cleaners on them as this will damage the surface and therefore making it impossible to achieve the high gloss polish.
While cleaning the surface, it is a good opportunity to check for damage on them, including chips, scratches or dull patches.

Polishing Granite worktops

Note: Some stones are more difficult to repair invisibly than others - in particular pure black and white stone are the hardest to achieve near invisible repairs. Most finishes can be repaired to be almost invisible but viewing from different angles and in different lighting conditions will reveal the repair - but as with most things, if you know it is there, you see it but no one else notices.
If you seem to still have some dull patches on your worktops after cleaning them, it may be time to invest in a specialist cleaner. Choosing one that is designed for Granite and make sure that you follow the instructions precisely. These cleaners should restore the shine that you are trying to achieve but will not hide minor damage.
You should also be aware that re-polishing involves grinding away part of the worktop surface so a large part of the surface needs to be worked on to get as even a result as possible, the more the better (but the greater the time and therefore cost). Also when done in situ this has to be all done by hand tools which may mean in certain light conditions the surface does not look perfectly level and even to the critical eye.

Cracks and Chips

Granite is a strong stone meaning cracks and chips occurring in them are rare. Large areas of damage will need careful repair in order to hide the repair. It is also important to check that the slab of worktop is properly supported if a crack has appeared..


We are experts in Granite stone worktop repairs and restoration

We repair all types stone surface damage including damaged edges, surfaces, impact damage, cracks as well as defects caused during the installation and finishing of natural and engineered stone.

We also provide granite stone restoration services such as re-polishing, joint refilling, re-sealing, sanding, stain removal, cleaning and maintenance. We can remove old stone and granite fittings and replace with new. We can move good stone fittings and install them elsewhere. If you have a problem with your stone or granite fittings give us a call on 0333-0909-876 - we are happy to discuss options with you.

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